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Who is Birdwood Financial Group?

The chief executive of Birdwood Financial Group has had a lifetime of helping others:

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Bernard Kelly has always been a property enthusiast.  An early success was helping his sister - then a 23 year old nurse - acquire her first investment property.

After an early career in international investment banking and corporate finance, he then spent over a decade in helping charities and nonprofits create community wealth. But when in his mid-fifties, he realised that the chief executives of his clients – typically 10 years older – were retiring “into poverty”.

They had their homes paid off, but had little super. It disturbed him that they would be living for perhaps 20-25 years on the pension. So today, he considers that he is continuing with his welfare work: “If I can assist anyone avoid the pension, I’m here to help”, he says.

Now, in association with like-minded colleagues, he is helping people understand the workings of property investment, and the benefits that can be achieved, without adversely impacting on their lifestyle or investment budget.

“Investing in property is surprisingly easy,” he says. “The bank becomes your partner and the taxman becomes your friend. And the tenant provides the cash flow. You just sit back and in 10 years you’ll say: ‘we should have bought TWO!’ ”.

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