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    is a very rare person - with something unique
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    right at this very moment!"
    David Flynn - Ballarat 2006

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    "It's a pity that I didn't meet you 20 years ago."
    Howard Colwell Victoria November 2005

    "When I read your Special Report, all I could do was nod and agree."
    Sylvia Gale NSW July 2006


    "Would you be my personal mentor as I develop my portfolio?"
    Karl Glode Qld December 2006

    "Thank you very much Bernard. We do appreciate what you
    have done for us."
    Ray Smuts Western Australia April 2008

    "Let me just say that I find your experience and
    strategy to be invaluable to me."
    John Ross South Australia July 2009

    "I have been receiving your newsletter since 2006 and have now successfully put in place a strategy to boost my income in retirement."
     Danny Johnston Victoria January 2010

    "Of all the people who I spoken with over the years - financial planners, accountants, solicitors - you are the only one who I keep in touch with"
     Ann Bryant Victoria January 2010

    "I will continue to recommend you - we are so grateful
    for all that you have done for us."
    Janet Hubble, Victoria July 2010

    You didn't ask for this, but I thought I'd write a testimonial for you: 

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Bernard Kelly and found him to be very thorough and knowledgeable on his selected subject of Retirement.  He is very dedicated and genuine about his work and goals of helping people be financially independent on reaching retirement age."

    John Madafferi  Managing Director,  J.Darsp Enterprises      
    20 February 2011

    Good morning - Bernard

    I felt obligated to contact you with my congratulations, after reading your newsletter on and off for some time now, however it was only today that I clicked on your weblink in your newsletter and actually visited your website: Property Investing Guide

    I too have had a 25 year history in the financial industry, and after exploring many aspects of investment and various sectors that range from the benign to the exotic, I have concluded that for many, many working Australians, residential real estate offers a very real and dare I say predictable contribution towards a sustainable retirement strategy.

    It has proven to achieve this despite the negative comments and criticism often thrown by the broader "unbiased" Licensed financial planning industry.

    I read your investment strategy and concur (almost 100%) with the basis of your approach and risk management strategy.

    We have evolved a similar risk identification and then appropriate management strategy as you.

    I have been focusing on property as a vehicle since 1997, guiding a handful of private clients each year referred by accountants and financial planners to trusted property developers, solicitors, mortgage brokers and asset managers - just as you do.

    Anyway Bernard, keep up the great work with your consistent message and insights.

    Kind regards

    David Beveridge  October 2012

    Hi Bernard,
    Your site is excellent, it is simple to follow and tells you the basics of why you should choose Property over any other form of Investments ... you do an excellent job with those hostings on Property Investments, and I tell everyone it's a good idea to pop in and have a listen to what you have to say...!  good Luck to you all...! and to you personally Bernard, keep up the good work..
    Yours Sincerely,    John J. Madafferi                 
    January 2013

    Hello Bernard... I enjoyed both your articles on www.property-investing-guide.com and your video too.  Back in Scotland I used to teach people how to buy investment properties after securing 45 'distressed properties' myself, refurbishing them and renting them out at usually around 12% yield.  It was a lot of fun at the time but then I hit a brick wall when I tried to build 3 multi-million pound homes on a Golf Resort near Edinburgh.  The lender - Clydesdale Bank who are part of NAB  - pulled the funding just as the build was about to start.  Pushed me into bankruptcy I'm afraid and I haven't had the appetite to start again.  HOWEVER, I like the message your sending out and can see that you obviously know your stuff so I'll happily send anyone your way now that I'm living in beautiful Queensland.  I intend to show my partner your video when he gets home from work, as he may be interested in an investment for future returns.  We're both in our 60th year so I'm not sure how amenable the lenders would be at our stage in life.    Meantime, I wish you every success and am pleased to see and hear someone with both feet on the ground after several years of witnessing the gold-diggers promoting 'wealth creation' courses and then finding out that the presenters were making more more from selling their 'how to courses' than from the property investments themselves.

    Clare Darwish                                             10 March 2013 

    Dear Bernard 

    Thanks again for all your assistance to date. I have learnt so much already from you!

    Anna Curran                                                                11 Sept 2013

    Appreciate all the info. Very happy with the package price and inclusions. .....the house looks fantastic.....I wouldn't mind living in it myself!   Thanks again for your help.

    Anna Curran                                                                  5 October 2013

    Hi Bernard

    :) I really appreciate your input - things like building costs and extras is not something we can get our heads around!

    Kel Colville                                                                       2 Nov 2013

    While I'm now retired with property worth $3,000,000 I love what you're doing and wish you could share that wisdom with everyone out there who needs it.  I like the way you hone in on - and so crisply explain - the variables that go to make up the recipe for a successful property investment, and it's brilliant that you can make such a simple case why property is so much better than superannuation.

    Max Williams                                                                  19 Nov 2013 

    I totally agree with your attitude and advice on property investment going forward ... I am 47 and now have a serious goal after reading your e-book

    Darren Macdonald                                                    22 Nov 2013

    I have been quite an admirer of yours for some months now - particularly for the comments you post on Facebook - and as I am now 52 I think that I should really ask you to help me how best to plan to have my home debt free and at least three investment properties.

    Mario Murzello                                                                2 Dec 2013

    I just wish that I could have been in touch with you a lot earlier - like at least 10 yeas ago.  But a late start is better than no start. 

    Murray Mac                                                                   14 Dec 2013

    Dear Bernard

    I'm quite impressed with your business model and passion from your website

    John Apostolou - Lawford International                         17 Jan 2014

    I've read your material and you're definitely on the right track helping others with your approach.  My wife and I have four investment properties and I retired a few years ago in my mid 50s, but my wife has liked to continue with her career as a lecturer.  However she is finally about to retire and then we plan to spend every May-September for the rest of our lives in the northern hemisphere.  Our net rental income is over $100,000 and consequently we've been accumulating cash.  Property is definitely the way to create family wealth!

    Kevin Sheehan    6150                                                21 January 2014 

    Hello Bernard - I would hate to think how long I have been following your "words of wisdom" - of which I should have acted on - more fool me I suppose - but now I'm ready.

    Ann Bryant                                                                       31 Jan 2014

    Thanks  Bernard  - Thank you so much  for everything to date.   You are worth  your  weight in gold

    Cheers Ann  Bryant                                                         7 Feb 2014


    I have also viewed your videos on Youtube.

    Great information! Keep them up!

    Jeff Allen, Canberra                                                     30 April 2014


    no one gave me this level of support when I did my first -
    in retrospect they obviously knew nothing about (the technical issues to achieve) successful property investing - and while I knew a bit more when I did my second, not until now (and this is my third) have I felt at ease with the advice that you've given me

    Benedict Alvares   Melbourne                              16 June 2014

    Dear Bernard

    I have just finished reading your special report on retiring laughing and I must say it woke me with a jolt realising that this is advice that I should have received when I arrived in this country. If the people who were lucky enough to have read your advice and not heeded it then all I can say is that have missed out on a golden opportunity.

    It is a very  lucid piece of sound advice.

    Many thanks......Bala

    Bala Pillay    Sydney                                                          10 March 2015


    Hello Bernard

    We were so unhappy about having to cancel out after we initially signed due to job redundancies.


    But we do tell people about you

  • Barbara Scott           Brisbane    14 March 2015   

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